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Jen, RPh

Jennifer was raised in Centralia, a small farming community located in rural, northeastern Kansas. After graduating high school in 1991, she first attended Kansas State University, and then later the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy. It was during that time in which she lived in Lawrence, that Jennifer was first exposed to independent pharmacy with a part time job at Orchards Drug. "Those first experiences at Orchards really helped me to formulate the type of pharmacist that I wanted to be namely, a caring, knowledgeable, and professional resource for my patients," says Jennifer. Following graduation in 1996, Jennifer began working in the pharmacy of a local El Dorado supermarket. As the years passed, however, the rigid inflexibility of the chain environment finally started to take its toll. "I had been contemplating making a switch back to independent pharmacy and the increased freedom to practice the way I wanted to practice," she says. "Luckily, right around that time, Mike approached me about coming to work with him at TrueCare."

Jennifer first came to TrueCare in 2005, and just a few months afterwards, the entire world of community pharmacy was forever changed with the implementation of Medicare Part D. "It was a nightmare," she recalls. "We literally had to help thousands of patients figure out what to do. We researched these new plans extensively. In fact, I still don't think anyone else in Butler County knows as much about Medicare drug plans as we do." A pharmacist sat down individually with each patient, helping them decipher through huge amounts of information, and to ultimately pick the plan that best fit their needs. It was an exhausting process, but well worth it . . . both for the patients and for the pharmacists. According to Jennifer, "The most gratifying part for me was to sit down with each patient and discuss their medications. It really gave me a chance to get to know each patient on an individual basis. We not only talked about which plan would be best for each patient, but also talked about ways to save money and mange their drug therapy more effectively." To this day, these Medicare Part D analysis are a key benefit for seniors who utilize TrueCare Pharmacy. "Because most plans drastically change their benefits every year," Jennifer explains, "It really helps out our patients to make sure they're still getting the best deal possible.

Jennifer is also responsible for single-handedly implementing El Dorado TrueCare Pharmacy's vaccination program. In 2007, Zostavax, a vaccine for shingles was released. "This vaccine has several unique characteristics that almost require it to be administered in a pharmacy," she explains. "It must be stored in a freezer, which most physicians don't have in their offices. It is possible for a patient to pick up the vaccine at the pharmacy, and then take it to their doctor for administration. However, it must be utilized within 30 minutes upon removal from the freezer. Obviously, such a small time frame makes this very difficult. Lastly, unlike older vaccines, Zostavax is paid for by Medicare Part D, which most physicians can't easily bill in their offices." The CDC has actually recommended that everyone over the age of 60 receive one of these vaccinations. Administering these vaccinations has given TrueCare the unique opportunity to provide a service to the community.

"Because neither my husband nor I are from this area, many people continually ask why we came to El Dorado," states Jennifer. "While we were initially drawn by the small town atmosphere, the friendliness of the town is what has kept us here. For a town its size, El Dorado has so much to offer. My family routinely takes advantage of the YMCA, the lake, and the bike path. We also enjoy being active members of St. John's Catholic Church, and our sons love attending El Dorado schools" Jennifer says she also enjoys being a part of what El Dorado has to offer. "I think that Mike, Jake, Dan, Ashely and I make very a unique team of pharmacists. I'm confident in saying that we provide a level of pharmaceutical service that cannot be matched in El Dorado or Butler County."

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