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Auto Refill

Our Automatic Refills are excellent for both patients and caregivers.  By enrolling in the Autofill program, you authorize us to automatically refill your routine medications a few days before they are due. With Autofill, you no longer need to remember to call in your regular medications.  We will automatically have them ready for you when you need them.  This program is found exclusively at El Dorado TrueCare Pharmacy.

How Does Autofill Work?

Autofill is incredibly simple.  When you’re almost out of your prescriptions, our computer will let us know that it’s time to refill them.  After we’ve filled them, we’ll give you a call to let you know they’re ready.  Then you can pick them up, or we can deliver or mail them to you at no extra charge.

What Types of Medications can be Filled on Autofill?

Any medication that you routinely use according to the directions we have on the label can be placed on Autofill.   Because we don’t know how often you use them, “as needed” medications can’t be placed on Autofill.

What Advantages Does Autofill Offer?

- Eliminate missed medication doses

- Eliminate running out of medication in the middle of the night or after hours

- Allow you to get all of your regular medications at the same time

- Help you make sure you’re taking your medications as prescribed by your physician

What are Your Responsibilities for Autofill?

Autofill only has a few simple requirements.  You must let us know if:  A) we’ve filled any of your medications too early, B) your directions have changed on any medication on Autofill, and C) you have stopped taking any medications that are on Autofill.

Is There an Extra Charge for Autofill?

There is absolutely no extra charge for Autofill.  This is just another way we want to help you improve your health by making sure your medications are taken correctly.  Let us know today if you would like to be started on this new and exciting program and we’ll do the rest.

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